Sesay is an artist based in Minneapolis Minnesota.
Born in Sierra Leone, West Africa he moved to the United States in 2004 and began pursuing music.

He found inspiration from his idol Bob Marley, and have been writing songs ever since. 


His unlimited passion and talent for music has lead him to various paths. From being on American Idol to opening for a touring band and now making a living with his music. 
Getting ready to release his second EP coming out October 21st 2018; You can now find him on streaming services like Spotify and iTunes.

"I'm really excited for people to hear this second EP because I sat down and produced these songs without second guessing myself. I know it's good and I know people are going to like it."


Have you ever seen anyone play drums with their guitar? Then you need to see Sesay.


“When I first moved to the united states I knew I had to learn the guitar. So I taught myself how to play but I knew that wasn’t enough. So one day I began drumming on my guitar. I quickly realized it was more of a drum than a guitar for me. I still don't know where the the road goes. I still don't know the right from wrong. I only follow my heart."